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Disposable surgical face mask

Product Numbers: 202031585940

Product description: On stock , quick delivery

  • 1. Thick 3-Layer Material: 3 layer activated non-woven breathable fabric,moisture-proof, non-toxic.
  • 2. 3D ear hanging and lightweight design make your breathing easier. High-quality elastic earbands makes it comfortable to wear for a long time.Perfect mask when travelling through congested airports, bus terminals, malls, parks , and busy city streets
  • 3. 【Level 3 Layer Protection】 - The inside layer are PP non-woven protective layer, which can contact the skin?zero irritation to the skin and block harmful gases. The Thickened activated carbon filter can assist in filtering odors in the air, and effectively filter formaldehyde, PM2.5, second hand smoke, etc. The other Dual-engine filter layer can absorb moisture and sweat layer.
  • 4. 【Widely Used】 - Used for outdoor cycling enthusiasts, home decoration, DIY projects, buildings, drywall sanding, grinding, sawing ,lawn mowing, cleaning, gardening, after testing, all the filter efficiency indicators are above 99%, effective dust prevention, PM2.5 industry, irritant gas, haze, particulate matter, allergy, pollen, automobile exhaust, bacteria, etc.
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